The Current Time
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The Current Time

Folder-Book with 24 pictures

File format 36,5 х 27,7cm Typography Aleksey Fyodor Moscow, 2012 “The Current Time” is a folder-book. The cover opens upwards, with loose leaves inside. On the cover - The clock disk without hands is to be found. The waiting time - is eternity. On this disk, for each purchaser of the book, I draw his favorite day time. And sign it. Inside this folder – there are loose leaves of various formats that almost exactly (with the exception of the two biggest ones) have the same size as the master pictures. This can be considered as a facsimile edition. Pictures are printed on posh matted paper – to be hung on walls. The leaves are packed by size as if there is no plot in the book. It exists though. On top of the leaves there is a tiny book, format 14x14 cm, with the similar title – “14:14”. It has a short preface and all the pictures are placed in the right order.

Price: 2000 P

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