Venice with a Russian accent. Ivory 70×100 cm
  • Venice with a Russian accent. Ivory 70×100 cm

Venice with a Russian accent. Ivory 70×100 cm

Printed on Fabriano paper (шмщкн) Format 70×100 cm. 2021

The literary map of Venice was created in collaboration with the artist and writer, Venetian Katya Margolis. There are one hundred and forty quotes in Russian on the map - from the xvii to the xxi centuries. Together they made a story about the city, which each of us knows, without even being in it. Among the authors of the quotations are Chekhov and Tchaikovsky, Tolstoy the writer and Tolstoy the diplomat, of course, Brodsky - and the compiler herself, Katya Margolis.
There are 70 illustrations on the map. These include the iconic Cathedral of San Marco, Palazzo Doge, and lesser-known temples and buildings. And between words, seagulls fly, doves walk, carnival masks are scattered ...
Especially for this project, I built three typefaces: for the names Mano di Giambattista, for the land Terra Durante and for the sea - Acqua Aldina. The last typeface is variable, unique in flexibility and complexity. It is like the sea, depicted with an engraving stroke: now smooth, now stormy, now lulling with gentle reflections, now foaming and blackening with powerful strokes.

The Russian card has a sister: Venice With An English Accent. You can see and buy it right next door.

Delivery across Moscow by Yandex or Dostavista couriers.

Worldwide delivery - by Russian Post.

Price: 7000 P

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