About me

Hello and welcome! My name is Yuri Gordon and I owe this place. I am an artist, a designer, an illustrator, a type designer and a bit of a writer.

I’ve been doing all this for quite a long time, since 1976. I’ve graduated from Moscow State University of Printing Arts (правильнее будет Print Media, но таково официальное английское название) as a book artist. And ever since I have been ever busy: ten thousand of books’ illustrations, 400 typefaces and a hundred of logos. I have also written few books, but so far «The Book of Letters: from Aa to Zz» remains the most important one.

In 1997 together with my wife Olga Vasilkova and my friend Valera Golyzhenkov we have created the «Letterhead» studio — a boutique shop for distinguished letters and unconventional design. For those you are welcome to www.letterhead.ru. And here you can see what I am doing by myself apart from the studio work: my pictures, lettering, books, t-shirts, tote bags, even maps. And you can even buy most of them. And if you enjoy buying, you might want to join the «YG’s circle of friends». Because isn’t it all about making new friends?

Contact phone:

+7 (963) 998 42 63
How does my shop work

On «YG’s circle of friends»

One becomes a member of an «YG’s circle of friends» automatically upon buying 10 and more of my type face designs.

Whenever the members of the club buy anything from me, especially type faces, they receive bonuses for every purchase.

After buying 10 to 19 type faces designs, you will receive the next one with 30% discount (from the standard price 1500 russian rubbles - down to 1000 P)

After buying from 20 to 39 type faces designs you will receive next one with 50% discount (down to 750 P from the standard 1500 P)

If you already own more than 40 type face designs, the next ones will cost to you 70% less (down to 500 P from the standard 1500 P)

If you are willing to join the club but don’t have enough type face designs in your possession you are welcome to buy the missing ones in a package and still get a Friend’s discount. For example, if you already have 8 type faces, you can have two more for 1000 P each instead of 1500 P. And if you have 2 then you can get 8 at once for the same 1000 P each

Why do I need this club?

All I want is to mind my own business, paying no attention to the market trends and to the fashion. One of the main purposes of the whole thing is to create russian typographic language.

But the purpose above all the purposes is not to sell letters but to create my own private world. Not only typefaces but books, things, pictures, ideas, texts. There will be more of those if I just find some more time.

Every member of the club will receive a secret custom sign in the colour of his circle that will serve as his own licensed certificate. If I happen to forget to send such, don’t be shy to write and ask.


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