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20 Kopeek 20 Kopeek Sans serif with a slightly touch of a steampunk, 2014 21 Cent 21 Cent A serif allied to the Century family, 2009 31Dec 31Dec Antiqua — in the only style so far — for accidental typography Acqua Aldina-VF Acqua Aldina-VF Variable italics, a calligraphic script depicting water. 2021 AntiQuasi AntiQuasi Quasi-antiqua with high signs, 2008 Around The World Around The World Headline type for the «Vokrug Sveta» magazine, 2009 Atomic Alice Atomic Alice Atomic suns with alternates and ligatures. 2018 Babaev Babaev A pseudo-artnouveau typeface. 1997 Baker Street 221B Dr Watson Baker Street 221B Dr Watson Anglomane grotesque with some weird pendants, 2012 Baker Street 221B Mr Holmes Baker Street 221B Mr Holmes Text serif with a detective background. 2018 Baker Street 221B Mrs Hudson Baker Street 221B Mrs Hudson The first ever Victorian script paired with cross-stitch Baroque Mortale Baroque Mortale A crazy script with demons in the basement, 2005-2007 Bazaarban Bazaarban An super accidental typeface which is set through Glyphs palette. 2009 BazaArt BazaArt An super accidental typeface which is set through Glyphs palette. 2013 Bistro Bistro A fast-made typeface, 1997 Blockland Blockland The variable font from which the map "Moscow In A Hundred Houses" is built. 2020 Blockland Round Blockland Round The variable font from which the map "Moscow In A Hundred Houses" is built. 2020 Bonvalet Bonvalet A narrow quasi-grotesque typeface with extremely tall lowercases, 2013 Buffon Buffon An italian comic. First typeface of 2015 Chameleon Chameleon The hand-made font is not very fast cooking. 2022-2023 Chameleon Sans Chameleon Sans A hand-made fast-cooking font. 2022 Chameleon Semiserif Chameleon Semiserif A hand-made fast-cooking font. 2022 Chameleon Serif Chameleon Serif A hand-made fast-cooking font. 2022 Chantage Chantage Script without rules. 1998 Citizen M Citizen M A super jobbing typeface for the Glyphs palette. 2009 Clarendorf Clarendorf A pink collar’s dream. 2013 Conqueror Conqueror Antiqua uncluttered, 2002-2012 Conqueror Sans Conqueror Sans Reasonably humanistic san serif, 2002-2012 Conqueror Slab Conqueror Slab Slab-antiqua uncluttered, 2002-2012 Conqueror Text Conqueror Text Antiqua uncluttered, 2002-2012 Costa Brava Costa Brava Beachtype, 2003 Costa Dorada Costa Dorada Beachtype, 2003 dAndi dAndi A very thick and rough grotesque. Much more interesting than it seems. 2017 Darco X Darco X The grotesque in seven styles DigiMagic DigiMagic Techno font with added magic. 2020 DigiMagic variable DigiMagic variable A variable techno grotesque of a narrow spectrum, but with a good set of glyphs. 2020 Digital October Digital October The family of light grotesques in the English style. 2012-13. Dva Probela Dva Probela The light version of Dve kruglyh 1998-2015 Dve Kruglyh Dve Kruglyh An experimental unicase, 1997-2015 EasyFix EasyFix A static variants of the variable EasyFlex font. 2023 EasyFlex EasyFlex A variable grotesque with variable lowercase height. 2023 Elsenskok Elsenskok Charming antique with a spicy letter K. 2021 Excession Excession Experimental semiserif. 1999-2019 Excession Sans Excession Sans Experimental Sunserif 2019 FaRer FaRer A typeface clash of constructivism and Soviet empire style, 1994 First Prize First Prize Grotesque for use in an display set. With strokes in italics. Fleursdumal Fleursdumal A baudelairean Antiqua, 2007-8 Forward Forward Sporty retro grotesque. 1998-2019 Forward Grotesque Forward Grotesque Energetic sancerif with geometric inclinations. 2000-2019 Forward Script Forward Script Connected script based on geometric grotesque. 2000-2019 Gordoni Gordoni A handmade antiqua, 2001 GuardiOla GuardiOla A crazy script based on Guardy Italic. 2008-2019 GuardiOla_Dream Team GuardiOla_Dream Team Calligraphic italics with a high level of pass play Guardy Guardy An antiqua for esquires, 2008 hAndy hAndy A very sloppycrooked typeface with no serifs, 2001-2015 Heather Type King Size Heather Type King Size The font for the book "Heather ale", special edition. 2017 HermiType HermiType Superjobbing museum unicase, 2010 Hot Sauce Hot Sauce A very spicy and sticky ingredient. 1998-2015 IDOLS IDOLS Font with human, non-human and telephone faces. 2017 InCaST InCaST Cupslock-jobbing antique, 2007-2015 Kostro Kostro Made in Painter, 2005-2015 Kostro Grotesque Kostro Grotesque Handmade grotesque. 2005-2015 Lenivka Lenivka A lazy slabserif with ligatures and gadgets. 2019 Libellula Libellula Geometric Grotesque 2018 LittleShift LittleShift Semi-serif with a slight shift. 2003-2015 Live Script Live Script Live script written by the vector pencil Mandelshtam Life Mandelshtam Life A poet in life. Font-portrait of Osip Mandelstam, a man of the Moskvoshvei epoch Mandelshtam Poetry Mandelshtam Poetry Poetic font-portrait of Osip Mandelstam. 2018 Mandelshtam Prose Mandelshtam Prose Mandelstam Prose - the first font of a new family, dedicated to the poet. 2016 Mano Di Giambattista Mano Di Giambattista Font from the streets of Venice. 2021 Mapia Mapia Handmade grotesque. 2005-2015 Monorail VF Monorail VF A variable and monospaced grotesque of great extensibility. 2024 MonteSumma MonteSumma Font about the greedy Indian. Attention! Contains offensive Aztec reflection. MosDor MosDor The font from the map Moscow In One Word". Wide unikase for driving strictly in the lane. 2016 MosMetro MosMetro The font from the map is "Moscow in one word". Lightweight unicase with a hint of aluminum. 2016 MosTitle MosTitle Unicas-grotesque in three forms: black, inline and with shadow. 2016 Mostype Mostype The font from the map Moscow In One Word. A narrow unicase for dense lettering. 2016 Mr FaraDay Mr FaraDay Font for children's books, 2017 Mr Mixter Mr Mixter A typeface to mix everything with everything. 2011-2015 Mr Palker Mr Palker An extra narrow slab serif, 2013 MrPalkerDad MrPalkerDad Tall slab serif, 2014 Mr Palker Dadson Mr Palker Dadson Tall grotesque, 2015 Mr Palkerson Mr Palkerson The extra tall grotesque, 2013 Oblomov Oblomov An antiqua from the couch connoisseur OneDayFont OneDayFont Clumsy, but very tricky 2017 OptiMyst OptiMyst The optic hoaxer 1998-2015 PaleoLit PaleoLit Literaturnaya Family, Demi Bold Condensed. Soviet vintage Pepperscreen Pepperscreen Decorative grotesque in two styles, 2018 Poldy Poldy Dense middle-class font in three sets. 2020 Probel Probel A mock grotesque  based on Dve Kruglyh, 1998-2015 Red Ring Red Ring Geometric round grotesque, a brother of an square, 2012 Red Square Red Square Geometrical square grotesue, 2012 Respublicana Respublicana Unicase, semiserif, our answer Emigre. 1998-2019 Seasons-Winter Seasons-Winter Winter typeface. 2017 Sivtzev Vrazhek Sivtzev Vrazhek Crooked text font Stoleshnikov Stoleshnikov Elegant contrasting unicase. Full-bodied and tall. 2019 Super Mouse Super Mouse Nursery typeface, 2014 Surplus Script Surplus Script Three layered calligraphic typeface, 2008-2015 Terra Durante Terra Durante A font depicting solid ground. 2021 Villon Base Villon Base A high-contrast grotesque with a special character. 2021 Villon Contrast Villon Contrast A display font with reverse contrast. And many more things. 2021 Villon Grotesque 40 Villon Grotesque 40 Low contrast sanserif with some oddities Villon VF Villon VF A wide-profile variable font. Simple and complex at the same time. 2021 Vogue Highline Sans Vogue Highline Sans Accent-text grotesque Vogue Highline Serif Vogue Highline Serif Contrast display serif WaldEsquire WaldEsquire Street serif for Esquires WF Regular WF Regular Font homage to V.A. Favorsky. Part One, with serifs. 2018 WF Sans WF Sans Font homage to V.A. Favorsky. Part Two, shaved YuHand One YuHand One Font based on the handwriting of LJ user shutchi. 2011 YuHand Two YuHand Two Font based on the handwriting of the LJ user privetdime. 2017 Yumoji Yumoji A compact black and white set of emotions. Only the most necessary things. 2017 BakerStreet221B Mrs Hudson BakerStreet221B Mrs Hudson Test Font Test Font Бейкер Стрит 221Б Др Ватсон Бейкер Стрит 221Б Др Ватсон Блокланд Раунд Блокланд Раунд Вандей Фонт Вандей Фонт Вересковый шрифт Кинг Сайз Вересковый шрифт Кинг Сайз Вильон Вариатив Вильон Вариатив Вокруг света Вокруг света ДиджиМэджик вариативный ДиджиМэджик вариативный Мандельштам Мандельштам



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