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20 Kopeek20 KopeekSans serif with a slightly touch of a steampunk, 201421 Cent21 CentA serif allied to the Century family, 200931Dec31DecSerif Display Typeface AntiQuasiAntiQuasiQuasi-antiqua with high signs, 2008Around The WorldAround The WorldHeadline type for the «Vokrug Sveta» magazine, 2009Atomic AliceAtomic AliceAtomic Sanserif with alternates and ligatures. 2018BabaevBabaevA pseudo-artnouveau typeface. 1997Baker Street 221B Dr WatsonBaker Street 221B Dr WatsonAnglomane grotesque with some weird pendants, 2012Baker Street 221B Mr HolmesBaker Street 221B Mr HolmesRoman Font with Detective Background. 2018BakerStreet221B Mrs HudsonBakerStreet221B Mrs HudsonThe first ever Victorian script paired with cross-stitchBaroque MortaleBaroque MortaleA crazy script with demons in the basement, 2005-2007BazaarbanBazaarbanAn super accidental typeface which is set through Glyphs palette. 2009BazaArtBazaArtAn super accidental typeface which is set through Glyphs palette. 2013BistroBistroA fast-made typeface, 1997BonvaletBonvaletA narrow quasi-grotesque typeface with extremely tall lowercases, 2013BuffonBuffonAn italian comic. First typeface of 2015ChameleonChameleonHandmade fast food font is not very fast cooking. 2022-23Chameleon SansChameleon SansHandmade fast food font. 2022Chameleon SemiserifChameleon SemiserifHandmade fast food font. 2022Chameleon SerifChameleon SerifHandmade fast food font. 2022ChantageChantageScript without rulesCitizen MCitizen MA super jobbing typeface for the Glyphs palette. 2009ClarendorfClarendorfA pink collar’s dream. 2013ConquerorConquerorAntiqua uncluttered, 2002-2012Conqueror SansConqueror SansReasonably humanistic san serif, 2002-2012Conqueror SlabConqueror SlabSlab-antiqua uncluttered, 2002-2012Conqueror TextConqueror TextAntiqua uncluttered, 2002-2012Costa BravaCosta BravaBeachtype, 2003Costa DoradaCosta DoradaBeachtype, 2003dAndidAndiVery thick and rough grotesque. Much more complicated than it seems. 2017Darco XDarco XSans serif with a touch of Art NouveauDigiMagicDigiMagicTechno font with a touch of magicDigiMagic VariableDigiMagic VariableVariable techno grotesque. Narrow spectrum but a good set of glyphsDigital OctoberDigital OctoberThe family of light grotesques in the English style. 2012-13.Dva ProbelaDva ProbelaThe light version of Dve kruglyh 1998-2015Dve KruglyhDve KruglyhAn experimental unicase, 1997-2015EasyFixEasyFixStatic variant of the variable EasyFlex font. 2023EasyFlexEasyFlexVariable grotesque with variable lowercase heightElsenskokElsenskokCharming serif with a spicy letter KExcessionExcessionExperimental semiserif. 1999-2019Excession SansExcession SansExperimental sanserif. 2019FaRerFaRerA typeface clash of constructivism and Soviet empire style, 1994First PrizeFirst PrizeDisplay GrotesqueFleursdumalFleursdumalA baudelairean Antiqua, 2007-8ForwardForwardRetro sports grotesque. 1998-2019Forward GrotesqueForward GrotesqueEnergetic sancerif with geometric inclinations. 2000-2019Forward ScriptForward ScriptConnected script based on geometric grotesque. 2000-2019GordoniGordoniA handmade antiqua, 2001GuardiOlaGuardiOlaCrazy Guardy-based script. 2008-2019GuardyGuardyAn antiqua for esquires, 2008GuardyOla_DreamTeamGuardyOla_DreamTeamCalligraphic cursive with a high level of combinative gamehAndyhAndyA very sloppycrooked typeface with no serifs, 2001-2015Heather Type King SizeHeather Type King SizeTypeface for the book Heather Ale, special edition. 2017HermiTypeHermiTypeSuperjobbing museum unicase, 2010Hot SauceHot SauceIncredibly spicy and smeary, 1998-2015IDOLSIDOLSFont of letters, celebrities and live iPhones. 2017InCaSTInCaSTCupslock-jobbing antique, 2007-2015KostroKostroMade in Painter, 2005-2015Kostro GrotesqueKostro GrotesqueHandmade grotesque. 2005-2015LenivkaLenivkaLazy slab with ligatures etc. 2019LibellulaLibellulaGeometric Font 2018LittleShiftLittleShiftSemi-serif with a slight shift. 2003-2015LiveScriptLiveScriptLive script written by the vector pencilMandelshtam LifeMandelshtam LifeA poet in life. Font-portrait of Osip Mandelstam, a man of the Moskvoshvei epochMandelshtam PoetryMandelshtam PoetryPoetic font-portrait of Osip Mandelstam. 2018Mandelshtam ProseMandelshtam ProseMandelstam Prose - the first font-portrait of a new family, dedicated to the poet. 2016MapiaMapiaHandmade grotesque. 2005-2015MonteSummaMonteSummaFont about the greedy Indian. Attention! Contains offensive Aztec reflection. 1997MosDorMosDorA font from "Moscow In One Word" map. Wide unicase to move strictly in lane. 2016MosMetroMosMetroA font from "Moscow In One Word" map. Light unicase with aluminum flavor. 2016MosTitleMosTitleUnicase-grotesque in three types: black, inline, and shadow. 2016MostypeMostypeA font from "Moscow In One Word" map. Narrow unicase for compact lettering. 2016Mr FaraDayMr FaraDayChildren's book font, 2017Mr MixterMr MixterA typeface to mix everything with everything. 2011-2015Mr PalkerMr PalkerAn extra narrow slab serif, 2013MrPalkerDadMrPalkerDadTall slab serif, 2014Mr Palker DadsonMr Palker DadsonTall grotesque, 2015Mr PalkersonMr PalkersonThe extra tall grotesque, 2013OblomovOblomovAn antiqua from the couch connoisseur. 2015OneDayFontOneDayFontCrooked but very clever 2017OptiMystOptiMystThe optic hoaxer 1998-2015PaleoLitPaleoLitLiteraturnaya Family, Demi Bold Condensed. Soviet vintage. 2015PepperscreenPepperscreenDecorative Sans, 2018PoldyPoldyTight brunette of medium height, in three sets. 2020ProbelProbelA mock grotesque  based on Dve Kruglyh, 1998-2015Red RingRed RingGeometric round grotesque, a brother of an square, 2012Red SquareRed SquareGeometrical square grotesue, 2012RespublicanaRespublicanaUnicase, Semiserif, our answer to Emigre. 1998-2019Seasons-WinterSeasons-WinterWinter typeface. 2017Sivtzev VrazhekSivtzev VrazhekCrooked text font. 1999StoleshnikovStoleshnikovElegant contrasting unicase. Full and tall. 2019Super MouseSuper MouseNursery typeface, 2014Surplus ScriptSurplus ScriptThree layered calligraphic typeface, 2008-2015Test FontTest FontTestVillon BaseVillon BaseHigh contrast sanserif with a special character. 2021Villon ContrastVillon ContrastDisplay font with reverse contrast. And much more with whatVillon Grotesque 40Villon Grotesque 40Low contrast sanserif with some odditiesVillon VFVillon VFVariable font with wide possibilities. And with some secret propertiesVogue Highline SansVogue Highline SansHeadline and text SansVogue Highline SerifVogue Highline SerifHigh contrast headline SerifWF RegularWF RegularFont-homage to W.A. FavorskyWF SansWF SansFont-homage to W.A. Favorsky. Part two, without a beardYuHand OneYuHand OneFont based on the handwriting of LJ user shutchi. 2011YuHand TwoYuHand TwoFont based on the handwriting of LJ user privetdime. 2017YumojiYumojiCompact black and white set of emotions. Only the most necessary. 2017


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