Moscow in a hundred houses. Novel map. Gold
  • Moscow in a hundred houses. Novel map. Gold

Moscow in a hundred houses. Novel map. Gold

Format 50x70 cm. Printed on Chromolux paper. 2020
"Moscow in a hundred houses" is a special map. There are almost no streets on it (one Varvarka, and even that is not entirely), the river and parks are not shown, there are no metro stations and other ordinary urban landmarks.It consists entirely of houses: there are a hundred or a little more. And the houses themselves are built — partially or entirely — from letters that add up to words and phrases. Sometimes it's just the name of the house. Sometimes it is a short formula description, and in some cases even a short story. These texts are copyrighted, even if they contain accurate facts or retell well-known urban legends. This novel map captures what I, a native Muscovite— wanted to say about my hometown. The map has two fundamentally different plans. One, purely external, will allow you to consider beautiful houses without going into details. The second one is for those who have started to read it. They will see a completely different city — the way I see it, a Moscow pedestrian with sixty years of experience, through the eyes of an artist and a very high walking speed.
Цена: 3000 P

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